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Workshop service

The continually growing complexity and variety of technologies in the automotive area leads to increasing challenges in the construction and equipping of vehicles. For purposes of validation and alignment of prototypes and trial, they must be fitted with highly-specialised measurement technology, in order to display, evaluate and portray the processes in the vehicle.
Due to the increasingly decreasing amount of space for construction, setup, fitting and conversion are becoming more and more challenging.

inform helps their customers in the workshop services area in a really wide range of applications – with highly-specialised staff and our own devices and equipment.

  • Building vehicles

  • Fitting measurement technology

  • Conversion of trial vehicles

  • Conversion of trial vehicles

  • Component examination in the vehicle and the laboratory

  • Fault finding and cause analysis

  • Manufacture of measurement adapters and additional control options

  • Practically-oriented concept examination on vehicles and test rigs

  • Setup of prototypes for concept verification and component development

  • Etc.

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