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Tests and experiments

Our customers’ high quality demands assume 100% functional safety.
Nowadays, despite the availability of more and more CAE simulations, every technical development still requires a trial, validation and safety assurance phase, even if reduced in scope. These are to ensure full functionality and operating conditions for long-term durability over the whole product life cycle.

The increasing integration of mechatronic systems and their controls in the whole vehicle demands an intensive validation process of the software parameters. These results can only be achieved and optimised with systematic test and trial phases.

inform helps their customers in the “Test and Trial” area in a really wide range of applications – with highly-specialised staff and our own devices and equipment:

  • Vibration measurement technology

  • Sonic measurements

  • Anechoic chamber

  • Silencer test rigs

  • EOL quality control

  • HiL, SiL, MiL

  • Internal combustion engine application, petrol and diesel

  • Emissions sensors, lambda and temperature probess

  • PEMs, RDE testing and evaluation

  • Verbundtestplatz

  • Gesamtfahrzeugerprobung

  • Hochdynamische Fahrzeugversuche

  • Mess- und Absicherungsfahrten

  • Dauerlaufüberwachung

  • Komponententest

  • Spezialprüfstände

  • Etc.

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