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Project management

The continually increasing development speed of modern products and their competitiveness on the market presents project management with special demands. It is important to permanently coordinate across the technical competences, the quality, production and finance departments on the entire development process so that the product can be developed from milestone to milestone until series production.

In an earlier phase of the product development process, the product cost management team already secured the profitability of the product. A successful product must be innovative, impress the market (design to market), be of high quality (design to quality) but ultimately, i.e. first of all it must turn out to be profitable for the company (design to cost). Therefore, the product costs from all phases of the product life cycle must be analysed and finally, optimised via product design in order to achieve the company targets.

inform GmbH has the expert knowledge and offers services in the following areas:
  • Process-driven component development along the product development process
  • Validation of the project progress (project progress review)
  • Resource planning and assessment
  • Product cost management
  • Planning work packages in new and existing projects
  • Training personnel to be project managers
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inform supports its customers in all phases of the product development process. Examples of the accompaniment and support of cost-optimised product, process and resource design on target costs:

  • Project analysis or identification of development needs of the components
  • Calculation of the incurred development costs (in-house and external service)
  • Optimisation of the development costs or material costs of individual (vehicle) components
  • Execution of project cost calculations and analyses
  • Project progress review through target-performance comparison
  • Support during the development, execution and implementation of component or project changes with the development, manufacture and purchase sectors
  • Support and consultation during design reviews, supplier selection, benchmarking, improvement proposals and innovative ideas
  • Support and consultation of the responsible component experts, departments and manufacturing facilities

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