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Cost management

Cost management is an important part of the management process. The costs incurred in the functions and structures of a company, for products, processes and resources, are analysed using cost management, controlled and influenced in a focussed manner.

Product cost management ensures the profitability of the product, even in an early phase of the product development cycle. A successful product must be innovative, delight the market (Design to Market), be of high quality (Design to Quality) and, finally, be profitable for the company (Design to Cost) . For this reason the product costs must be analysed in all phases of the product life cycle and, last not least, also be optimised via the product design, in order to achieve the company’s targets.

inform supports its customers in all phases of the product development process.
Examples of the guidance and support, cost optimised product, process and resources organisation to cost objectives:

  • Value analysis and definition of manufacturing costs for the components / sub-assemblies

  • Calculation of the development costs incurred

  • Optimisation of the development costs and material costs of individual (vehicle) components

  • Execution of product cost calculations and analyses

  • Analysis, cost breakdown and cost controlling of manufacturing process costs, direct labour, material costs, machine and tool costs

  • Costs control by target-actual comparisons and plan progress controls

  • Support for the definition, execution and implementation cost reduction programmes in the development, manufacturing and purchasing functions

  • Support and advice during design reviews, vendor selection, benchmarking, improvement suggestions and innovation ideas

  • Support and guidance for the responsible component experts, technical functions and manufacturing locations

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