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Project management

The continually increasing development speed of modern products and their competitiveness on the market presents project management with special demands. It is important to permanently coordinate across the technical competences, the quality, production and finance departments on the entire development process so that the product can be developed from milestone to milestone until series production.

Development and design

In development and design a technical product is devised, from the idea to being ready for production, using CAx systems such as NX, Catia V5 and Creo (Pro-E). No matter whether single components, sub-assemblies or complex mechanical or electro-mechanical systems – inform supports in all phases of product development and prepares individual concepts, design-ready manufacturable drafts of the models and the manufacturing drawings.

Calculation and simulation

Engineering means, controlling and managing physical dimensions In the past this was developed using experience and experiments. The first approaches to mathematic calculations were the cornerstone for modern, computer aided simulations (Computer Aided Engineering).
Hardly any development processes in the automotive industry are conceivable without CAE. Using simulations, defects can be recognised in a timely manner and efficiencies and optimisations can be developed up to a very advanced stage (without building a prototype). As a result the development time has been drastically reduced compared to the past.

Tests and experiments

Our customers’ high quality demands assume 100% functional safety.
Nowadays, despite the availability of more and more CAE simulations, every technical development still requires a trial, validation and safety assurance phase, even if reduced in scope. These are to ensure full functionality and operating conditions for long-term durability over the whole product life cycle.

Software development (Embedded)

Integrated software engineering is the process for developing software, modelling the associated architecture, definition and implementation of functional requirements, the software test and the operation of systems.
inform, for example, develops the software for control devices in vehicles and supports the complete development process along the framework of the V-model. The implementation of the functions is done taking the safety relevant aspects of ISO 26262 into account.

Cost Management

Cost management is an important part of the management process. The costs incurred in the functions and structures of a company, for products, processes and resources, are analysed using cost management, controlled and influenced in a focussed manner.


Die stetig steigende Komplexität und Vielfalt der Technologien im Automotivebereich führt zu steigenden Anforderungen an Aufbau und Ausrüstung von Fahrzeugen. Zur Validierung und Abstimmung von Prototypen und Versuchsträgern müssen diese mit hochspezialisierter Messtechnik bestückt werden, um die Vorgänge im Fahrzeug aufzeichnen, auswerten und darstellen zu können.

Quality Management FMEA

inform has many years of experience in the use of FMEAs. Our staff supports you competently and target oriented in all sections and phases of working with FMEAs and in training your employees accordingly.

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