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Social commitment

Responsibility to society

Successful companies also have a responsibility to society. This is especially true for persons, who, due to health or economic disadvantages, need our help.

inform’s managing director Can Konsul and his complete team are convinced of this. Consequently the inform GmbH is engaged in cooperations with social bodies and institutes, every year, and offers help and support.

Examples of social cooperations over the last years

Child Protection League Mainz

  • Donations for the institution’s facilities
  • Renovation (and furniture) of a building for children clothes
  • Cooperation during the renovation of the care centre
  • Equipping the care centre’s gymnasium with sports equipment
  • Flea market for the good cause
  • Sponsoring the Christmas party and presents for the children
  • A day out to an amusement park with about 50 children
  • Children paint Christmas cards for the inform GmbH
  • and many others

Sponsoring society for children suffering from cancer

  • Financial donations and donations in kind
  • Day excursion to a theme park
  • Flea market for the good cause
  • Employees donate overtime payment and the management doubles the amount
  • Acquisition of a sport wheelchair
  • Children paint Christmas cards for the inform GmbH
  • Sponsoring of small Christmas presents
  • and many others

A heart for children

  • Financial donation after the typhoon on the Philippines


  • Donations in kind, such as: Tables for technical laboratories
  • and much more

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