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A 20 year success Story

The story of the inform GmbH is the story of successful teamwork. Our employees with each other and above all with our customers and business partners.

Anniversary: 20 years inform GmbH.

Management decides on a clear market and sector orientation, the business sectors are set up accordingly.

First subsidiary in San Giovanni i.P. (Bologna Italy) with a focus on “Test & Experiment” is set up.

The inform management board is extended by the nomination of Bernhard Kohns in December.

The new corporate website with a career portal goes online at the end of December.

Extension of the location branch offices and the portfolio.


Continued strategic development of the company with a focus on setting up and extending location branch offices.

Extension of the branch office location in Rüsselsheim with new offices.

informs honours Katja Eckes (business administration) for 15 years of employment with the company.


Setting up of new branch office in Heilbronn.

Extension of the Ingolstadt branch office at a new location with its own workshop / prototype facility.

Concentration on the development of the contract for services business respectively the project execution in our own branch offices.

Re-certification of our Quality Management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 successfully completed.


Setting up and extending of the technical office in Rüsselsheim.

Focussing on the operational core business.


Extending the business areas by the energy technology and aerospace sectors.

First activities in the aerospace technology in Chile.

TÜV certification for professional development and education according to the management system AZWV §84 SGB II.


Extension of the office rooms in the Gutenbergpark Mainz-Hechtsheim.

Setting up of training centre for CAD.


140 employees, annual turnover of over 9 Mio. €.

Expansion of the management team.

Definition of the Vision 2010 and derivation of the strategic goals.

Increase of the business volume with key customers and many new customers.

Setting up of the branch office in Stuttgart.

First activities with the GM-Powertrain Diesel-Engineering-Center in Turin in the area of quality control for components and component training of the GM employees in GM processes and harmonisation activities.


Strategic orientation of the company for future challenges.

Concentration on the core competencies and expansion of the organisational development


Extension of the sales, marketing and personnel management functions.

Opening of the Munich branch office for the coordination of the activities in South Germany

Initiation of the cooperation with Daimler Chrysler, Audi and BMW.

Certification of the company according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


Reorganisation of the business areas in the areas for machine and equipment building/simulation, vehicle technology/product development, external project support.

Awarded the Technological Advancement Prize “Success 2002” by the Bank of Investment and Structure Rhineland-Palatinate.

GM reduces the number of engineering service providers from currently 15 to four strategic partners – inform is one of them.


Expansion of the cooperation with the automotive supplier industry and the introduction of simulation tools.

Development and implementation of a software concept for an information and controlling system for project execution in engineering companies.


Setting up of the business area for “External project support”.

Alignment of the organisation structure with the development of the company.

Moving to the Gutenbergpark Mainz-Hechtsheim with over 1100 m2 of office area.


Setting up of the business areas mechanical engineering, vehicle technology and product development.


Company established by Can Konsul in the Technology Centre Mainz.

First orders executed in the mechanical engineering and vehicle development sectors.

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