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Machinery and equipment design

Production and automation engineering

The production and automation engineering is an engineer’s discipline which deals with the organisational and technical design and the operation of industrial manufacturing facilities and systems. It reaches from the product planning and the integrated product and process design through the management of the required manufacturing technologies up to the factory planning and equipment. In doing so the profitability of the production is in the foreground.
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The tasks of the production engineer go from the planning, layout and design of manufacturing systems, i.e. from individual machine tools up to flexibly linked multi-machine systems, of handling devices, robots and assembly systems, including the automation required for the machine control and manufacturing system control. Above and beyond this the production engineering is also devoted to the execution of the production and the dispositional planning and the allocation of the resources in the operation (Enterprise Resource Planning). Important sub-areas, in this respect, are work organisation and management, the production planning and control system (PPS) and the internal logistics. Thereby the PPS becomes visible as a planning and controlling instrument.*

Examples of our services:

  • Development / Design of:
    • Fixture, machine tools, flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) etc.
    • Robotics, transport, storage and commissioning engineering, flexible assembly systems and packaging systems
  • Planning and programming of machine controls and manufacturing system controls for the automation of processes.
  • Production planning and design
  • Product and process planning and optimisation
  • Production planning and control
  • Planning and management of the internal logistics including process simulation in the “virtual factory”

*Source Website of the Hochschule Regensburg

Electrical and mechanical development in machinery and equipment design

Continuous innovations are the driving force for success and growth in all industrial sectors. Intelligent product solutions in the mechanical and electrical areas create a competitive advantage and increase the market opportunities of every company. Starting with the development and design of electro-technical projects, software and start of operation up to manufacturing and assembly.

The requirements in machinery and equipment design are, as a result of the international competitive pressure, high. The rapid developments in information and electrical engineering also influence the methodical progress in technical mechanics, so that new peak performances can always be achieved.

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In various projects inform has made a contribution so that the customers in the machine tools and equipment sector can master the existing challenges with innovation and flexibility.

Examples for the requirement-based support by the inform GmbH:


  • From the first mechanical draft through feasibility studies up to a detailed 3D CAD design.
  • FEM calculation, CFD simulation or also life expectancy calculation.
  • Process charts and pipework planning
  • Creating norm conform drawings and bills of material including the integration in the PLM systems

Electrics / automation

  • By SPS programming to fully automated manufacturing equipment
  • Process control engineering and visualisation (HMI) for user-friendly use
  • Test and initial start-up of the control units for trouble-free on-site use
  • Development of analogue and digital circuits taking the current electro-technical norms and safety standards into account
  • Measurement, monitoring and regulation technology
  • Development, dimensioning and verification of electro-technical design projects

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